Before Your Journey Begins

.Laws of the Land.
Site Plot, Rules, and Quick Links.
10 threads 11 posts Men of the West Site Plot and Timeline of Events
by Denethor II
Sept 20, 2018 17:33:29 GMT -5
.Maps of the Land.
Every journey has a starting point. This is yours. This is where you will find the blank character application, canon lists, and inspiration for character and plot development, among other things.

.Character Application.
.Who Plays Who.
27 threads 29 posts Callondir [WIP]
by Callondir
Dec 8, 2018 23:16:11 GMT -5
.Application Drop Off., .Character Creation Info., .Adoptable Characters., .Wanted Characters.
.Character Biographies.
These are the finished Character Biographies. Once your character is approved, this is where your application will be moved.
80 threads 159 posts Eowyn of Rohan
by Denethor II
Dec 13, 2018 20:43:06 GMT -5
.Of Rohan., .Of Gondor., .Of Mordor., .Of Dunland., .Of Harad., .Of the Shire., .Of the Elven Realms., .Of the Wilds., .Silmarillion Era.
.Character Extras.
By no means are these necessary, however, they are lots of fun! Pick a face claim. Make journals, albums, and character plots here.
117 threads 351 posts The Professor!
by Runa
Dec 12, 2018 13:26:29 GMT -5
.Site Events., .The Faces of Middle Earth., .Albums and Thread Trackers., .Plotting Pages., .Open Threads., .NPC Biographies., .NPC Requests.

.The Mirror of Galadriel.

.The Mirror of Galadriel.
In Character Area. Things that were, things that are, and things that have not yet come to pass.
78 threads 917 posts A Year Richer (December S.A. 1150, Tanfui) {One-Shot}
by Ruivo
Dec 11, 2018 22:34:42 GMT -5
.The First Age of Arda., .The Second Age of Arda., .The Third Age of Arda., .The Fourth Age of Arda.
In Character Area. Valinor, the Land across the Sea, was the realm of the Valar in Aman; the place to which they migrated after being driven from Almaren by Melkor in times before the First Age. The Undying Lands where dwell still many of the Noldor and Teleri elves, and the Halls of Mandos where the departed from Arda may return.

(For Stories taking place in the Undying Lands; Past, Present, and Future.)
5 threads 9 posts Vain Ambition [Year 1410 of the Trees] {Galadriel}
by Ruivo
Sept 25, 2018 22:23:09 GMT -5

.The Council of Elrond.

.Alternate Arda-verse.
Out of Character Area. What could be?
19 threads 354 posts Winter Wonderland [Meludir]
by Meludir
Dec 7, 2018 17:18:51 GMT -5
.The Council of Elrond.
The spot for all OOC talk, games, and anything you feel like discussing!
7 threads 28 posts Name Your Own Book
by Valdete
Dec 11, 2018 23:02:56 GMT -5
A guest friendly place to give your own site some traffic! Please abide by the guidelines and place them on the appropriate board!
422 threads 672 posts Dragon Riders of Berk - A Second Generation HTTYD Roleplay
by DRoB Staff
Dec 13, 2018 14:06:39 GMT -5
.Member Ads., .Strangers from Distant Lands., .Friends of Old., .Affiliate.

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